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The traditional charcoal grill

Since 1954, the Baglioni family is running this Florentine trattoria right in the historic center of Florence. The old charcoal grill and high quality meat make the recipes authentic delicacies. We select for you heifer Fiorentina (T-bone) steaks at the ideal maturation period to ensure both juiciness and tenderness. We serve traditional dishes of the Tuscan/Florentine cuisine prepared in accordance with the authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation. Here you can find traditional homemade pasta main courses, sauces requiring long cooking, stews and roasts. Updated dishes in an innovative and modern key are also there for you to taste.

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The traditional wood-burning oven

Braciere Malatesta is known for its Florentine steak, which has always been the flagship of the kitchen here. To guarantee the Italian flavors, the restaurant also offers a pizza cooked in a real wood oven, which also respects the most authentic tradition. Our long leavening dough and the mixture of natural flours (flour 0 and whole wheat flour), combined with our cooking method based solely on the use of Casentino wood with its unmistakable scent, make our pizzas testy, crunchy, nutritious and very digestible. Finally let be tempted by our homemade desserts prepared every day in our oven according to the chef’s fantasy. Florentine steak and pizza are the flagship of Braciere Malatesta, but there’s more…

Our menu varies respecting the seasonal presence of garden-fresh vegetables.
Here follows an example.
    From our traditional charcoal grill

    Fiorentina Burger

    Tomato, caramelised onions, flakes of pecorino from Maremma, sauces. Served with chips with skin

    Sausages of Casini

    The typical Tuscan sausages grilled on coal

    Glazed Rosticciana

    Local rosticciana (pork ribs), marinated, slow stewed and glazed with our homemade BBQ sauce, and then grilled on coal

    Chicken Under a Brick

    From the ancient cooking method, with aromas

    Grilled Fillet of Fiorentina (T-bone) Cut

    The king of meat in its genuine tastiness, about 250 g

    Big Mixed Grill (for 2 persons)

    The classic sausages of Casini, a taste of chicken, pork ribs, and rib eye steak
    High quality meat
    We select for you Fiorentina (T-bone) steaks and fillets of the best Scottona (heifer) breeds in order to ensure our clients both juiciness and tenderness.
    We serve steaks and fillets of heifer Chianina PGI certified by the relevant Consortium.
    The grilled fiorentina steak


    Beef on the bone from the front loin. Without fillet, but extraordinarily tasty. Min. 550g / Max 1.1Kg


    The authentic Fiorentina cut with the T-bone, rear part with an exquisite and tender fillet. Min 1.2Kg. Outstanding.


    Min 0.500 Kg. A unique and rare Tuscan breed. Firm flesh, bright red in color and with a strong taste. CERTIFIED BY ANTICA LAVORAZIONI CARNI. RIB EYE CUT WITHOUT FILLET.


    Min 1.2 kg. A unique and rare Tuscan breed. Firm flesh, bright red in color and with a strong taste. CERTIFIED BY ANTICA LAVORAZIONI CARNI. LOIN CUT WITH FILLET.
    Traditional appetizers


    Fettunta (toasted bread with garlic) with Chianti olive oil, crispy bread with tomato and basil and the green “Fiorentina” sauce

    Tuscan Fashion Fried Bread

    Served with the grandmother-style meat sauce, liver pâté, stracchino and Casini sausage, lard and honey

    “Street” Meat Balls

    Fried, Tuscan-style beef meat balls served with homemade sauces: the green “Fiorentina” sauce, farm mayonnaise, carrettiera sauce

    Tuna of Chianti

    Senese pig cooked at low temperature and marinated with Pacini olive oil and its peculiar flavors on cannellini beans and green onion
    Platters of master cheese-makers and butchers

    Don’t let on to the farmer…

    Tasting or Platter

    From Palagiaccio: Palagiaccio scamorza (flask-shaped cow’s milk cheese), gessato cheese with fennel, blue Mugello cheese, 15 month Riserva cave cheese, pecorino from Maremma, pears and our mustard, sweet and sour onion compote


    Tasting or Platter

    Selection of typical cold cuts: raw ham, salami, finocchiona (Tuscan salami with fennel), rolled bacon, pecorino. Our mustard and fried bread: with liver, fresh tomato, green “Fiorentina” sauce, stracchino and sausage from Casentino


    Tasting or Platter

    Ham, wild boars sausages, deer salami, fried bread with warm lard, sausage and stracchino, liver fried bread, Palagiaccio Gran Riserva cheese, our mustard and onion compote



    Certified Chianina GPI bresaola, Chianina GPI salami, truffle pecorino cheese, homemade mustard and fried bread with sausage and stracchino
    Fresh and dried pasta

    Soup of the day

    Every day, following the season and tradition

    Our spaghettini carbonara sauce

    Creamed with egg and Tuscan pecorino. Pepper and Casentino rolled bacon with the flavor of garden’s sage

    Purple rice

    Rice in purple cabbage and red onion creamed with mascarpone cheese and chopped “taralli”


    Handmade and delicate. Spinach and a soft heart of ricotta on a butter and sage fondue with the scent of cinnamon

    Vegetable lasagna

    Yellow squash, porcini, delicate béchamel and km0 Gran Mugello smoked scamorza

    Blue cow’s cheese homemade gnocchi

    Potato gnocchi served with a delicate cream of Blu Mugello Gorgonzola cheese and “scorzone” truffle

    Pappardelle with porco-cignale (hybrid between pig and boar)

    Fresh pappardelle from the Nenni pasta shop served with a long cooked boar sauce with a chocolate scent

    Our handmade pici (thick, hand-rolled pasta)

    Hand-rolled -one by one- and served with a Tuscan sausage sauce with black cabbage and flakes of pecorino
    Stews and roasts of Tuscany

    Florentine-style tripe

    The offal of the popular tradition

    “Peposo” of Brunelleschi

    The legendary beef stew at the three peppercorns with pears

    Dante-style ossobuco

    According to the ancient recipe: slow stewed with aromas

    Chianti beef cheek

    Beef cheek with salts balanced by cooking at low temperature with a Chianti and grapes reduction and potato pie with a heart of cheese

    Vin Santo fillet

    On lard from Chianti region with a vin santo and pistachio powder reduction
    The One: mixed salad, “Fiorentini” small fresh tomatoes, tuna, fiordilatte
    The Two: green salad with pears, scamorza from Mugello and dried fruits
    Side dishes
    — Baked potatoes
    — Chips
    — Chips with skin
    — Sautéed spinach
    — Tuscan beans from wood-fired oven
    — Mixed salad
    — Grilled vegetables
    Classic Pizzas


    Simple tastiness according to tradition


    Tomato, garlic and oregano


    Tomato, mozzarella, basil


    Tomato, mozzarella, Cetara anchovies, capers, oregano

    4 Seasons

    Tomato, mozzarella, olives, cooked ham, champignon mushrooms

    Ham and Mushrooms

    Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, champignon mushrooms

    Tuna and Onion

    Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, onion during cooking


    Tomato, mozzarella, sausage, frankfurter, spicy salami, cooked ham
    Special Pizzas


    Tomato, mozzarella, radicchio, sausage, champignon mushrooms

    House specialty

    Tomato, fiordilatte cheese, cooked ham, zucchini, Fior di Mugello scamorza


    Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salamino (small salami), peppers, onion and Gorgonzola cheese


    Covaccino (flat bread) flavored with raw ingredients: raw Bufala Campana, fresh tomato, basil, raw ham after cooking, arugula and Gran Riserva pecorino cheese


    Margherita with caramelized spring onions, blue cow’s Gorgonzola and spicy salamino (small salami)


    Tomato, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, caramelized onions, basil


    Tomato, marinated pachino tomato, smoked burrata cheese, basil

    Count Mascetti

    Tomato, truffle burrata cheese, Tuscan lard


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