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Our menu varies seasonally according to the garden vegetables and meats available.
The following is an example. Contact us for info on the Current Menu and proposed dishes.


Wide selection from 50 €/Kg to 100 €/Kg of the best Italian and world breeds. We offer meats at different marbling and aging stages in our Dry Aged refrigerators.

See our list of meats

If you have any doubts ask us for advice, we will be happy to recommend the flab that best suits your taste!


The history of the Florentine steak starts here. High quality for Italy’s oldest breed


The pleasant balance between taste and texture/h6>


Scottona loved by every palate


The marbling of its meat gives a buttery texture and a pleasant but complex flavor


Top marbling, intense taste, for true connoisseurs


Raised in Tuscan meadows, its quality fat in cooking will give meats fantastic flavors and texture


From Trentino Alto Adige highest quality for perfect balance between fat and lean parts, a guarantee


Free-range, excellent marbling and unique flavor make it one of the most sought-after meats


Other Italian excellence, fine grain, good fat infiltration give special tenderness but savory taste
Traditional appetizers

Beef/vegetarian patties

with yellow squash and potatoes with a stringy heart, fried and served with homemade dips

Leo's egg

From Leovo farm, seasoned yolk, mushroom cream*, crispy bacon and cereal bread

Kiss me

Low-cooked beef tongue lacquered with honey and BBQ sauce with grilled envy

The Toscanaccio Taste / Nice and full

Selection of Salumi Senesi Renieri (Sienese Salumi), the area's cheeses and classic Crostini with sausage and stracchino cheese, livers and salsa verde

To the Farmer don't let them know

Selection of local cheeses

Chianti Tuna

Marinated pork tenderloin on creamy potato, ginger and turmeric pie, fried onion

The pasta, fresh and dry

The risotto

Cacio e pere, creamy

Florentine gnudi

Of ricotta and spinach, homemade, on tomato brodetto

Our pici

Hand-rolled, soft, on egg sauce, onion fondant, caciotta and crispy Renieri ham

Vegetarian lasagnetta

yellow squash, porcini mushrooms*, scamorza cheese

The pappardelle

With traditional long-cooked hare ragout

Braised ravioli

with braised meat stuffing on a velvet of Jerusalem artichoke and crispy almonds



Tuscan style marinated with herbs, cooked at low temperature and then grilled. Served with roasted potatoes


Pork ribs marinated in rosemary, cooked at low temperature and then charcoal-glazed, BBQ sauce and sautéed cabbage with raisins


Tuscan charcoal-grilled with roasted potatoes

Prato-style celery

An ancient Tuscan recipe. Beef-stuffed celery, battered and fried and served with classic Tuscan ragout

Grand Filet of Fiorentina

With Vin Santo reduction, raisins and pistachio powder. Or simply charcoal grilled. Roast potatoes

Sirloin of Marezzata

On green pepper and mustard sauce served with roasted potatoes

The Grand Grill (for two people)

Selection of our barbecued meats: marinated chicken, rotisserie, sausage and Fiorentina steak (500g)with potatoes
Selection of Hamburgers

The Harnessed

240g grilled Fiorentina beef burger.
Poppy bread. Smoked scamorza cheese, crispy Casentino bacon, caramelized spring onions, fresh tomato and salad. Fresh fried potatoes with the peel

The Chicken Burger

Succulent boneless free-range chicken overbelly marinated in herbs and cooked at low temperature, Grain bread, peasant garlic mayonnaise, smoked scamorza, grilled zucchini. Fresh fried potatoes with the peel

The VEG Porcino

Vegetarian porcini mushroom* and soybean burger. Cereal bread, yellow squash, burrata cheese. Fresh fried potatoes with the peel


Bacon, scamorza cheese, caramelized spring onions, fresh tomato, salad, stracchino cheese, garlic mayonnaise, grilled zucchini, burrata cheese
Side dishes

Baked potatoes

The fried potatoes with the peel

Mixed salad

Stewed cabbage ginger and raisins

Grilled Endive

Big salad
Classic: Mixed salad, tuna, mozzarella fiordilatte and cherry tomatoes
The Classics
We use a mixture of low-refined flours (zero and whole wheat), leavening has a minimum of 24 hours to ensure excellent digestibility, and we roll it out fine in the Florentine fashion.
Buffalo Surcharge / Burrata Surcharge
Supplement ingredient

The Covaccino



Spicy Salami

Ham and Mushroom*

Tuna and Onion


4 White cheese


Calzone (cooked and mushroom*)

Rustica: four white cheeses and bacon

The Special Pizzas

The Vegan

Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, caramelized onions, basil

La Cipollata

Margherita with caramelized spring onions, blue cow gorgonzola and pepperoni

Of the House

Tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, prosciutto cotto, zucchini, scamorza fior di mugello

Of the Kickers

Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni,peppers, onion and gorgonzola cheese


White with mozzarella fiordilatte, mortadella, burrata, pistachios

The Tasty

Tomato, prosciutto crudo Renieri il Magnifico, burrata cheese out of the oven

The Autumnal

White with fiordilatte mozzarella, pancetta, yellow squash and truffled porcini mushrooms*

Beautiful Naples

Double dough (high): tomato, cherry tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella DOP

Braciere Malatesta reserves you revisited Tuscan menus or dishes elaborated according to traditional recipes.
Every ingredient that makes up the menu is chosen according to a careful criterion of genuineness and nothing is left to approximation or chance, which is why in Florence Braciere Malatesta is a must-visit not only for the Florentine steak, but for a variety of dishes all of which are carefully prepared in detail.

For a menu to be judged as good in our kitchen, the gastronomic offerings cannot be separated from the quality of the raw material, the proper cooking, the right balance of ingredients, and finally also the creativity of the chef.