Braciere Malatesta bases its origin on the most traditional dish loved by the Florentines, but also by the tourists who visit the city of Dante: the T Bone steak. We made it a precise culinary commitment and we have never abandoned the care and dedication to the preparation to the cooking of this delicious dish. It identifies us since the birth of the restaurant and represent us both in the city and outside it. The location of the restaurant also facilitates those who do not come from Florence or its suburbs. To taste the Florentine steak at the Braciere Malatesta infact you just get to the train station with a high speed train and after a few steps you reach the steak house.

The restaurant has carefully selected the staff to be not only helpful, but passionate about Florentine cusine. Family management has remained our main feature that we do not want to lose and that allows us to offer quality in the preparation of dishes and in the choice of ingredients. Braciere Malatesta will offer you revisited Tuscan menus or dishes prepared according to traditional recipies. Every ingredient that makes up the menu is chosen according to a careful criterion of genuiness and nothing is left to chance, that’s why in Florence Braciere Malatesta is a venue not only for the Florentine steak, but also for a variety of dishes.

A menu to be approved or considered valid in our kitchen, the quality of the ingredients must be excellent, the proper cooking, the right balance between the ingredients and the creativity of our chef.

About the Florentine steak we can not refrain from stressing the importance of the embers used for the cooking calls for a careful and rigorous use in which every passage becomes a ritual and every mistake can cause a failure, that’s why not all the florentine steaks are the same. We wait for you every day in… in Florence!