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Florence is among the most visited cities in Italy, but the heat and high temperatures that characterize the summer months, when tourist numbers are at their peak, make it necessary to find cool places with inner gardens to eat and leisurely relax.

But which are the best places to eat in Florence with outdoor seating?

We have identified our personal top 10 best restaurants.

1. Braciere Malatesta: Central Station Area

Let’s start close to home: at Braciere Malatesta, not only is it one of the few places in Florence with a meticulous selection of 9/10 different aged meats cooked on a real charcoal grill, but our Restaurant-Trattoria-Pizzeria also boasts a quiet and enjoyable inner space.

Since 1954, we have been offering a unique culinary experience in the heart of Florence. Located just a stone’s throw from the central station and the Duomo, the trattoria is run by the Baglioni family with three generations of passion and dedication.

The true star is the charcoal grill, where our prized meats and the authentic Florentine Steak are cooked. Our Tuscan chefs will amaze you with homemade pasta, stews, roasts, and traditional desserts, prepared with classic regional recipes and sometimes a touch of creativity.

Local cold cuts and cheeses from local master cheese makers (km0) are not to be missed, providing a true journey through the flavors of Tuscany.

All served in a completely renovated environment that seamlessly blends tradition and design, our space, bright and inviting, is ready to amaze you with two romantic inner gardens for a relaxing break away from the city noise.

2. Serre Torrigiani: in Oltrarno

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Florence at Serre Torrigiani, a refined lounge that opens onto the wonders of a historic garden. Crafted from innovation and a vision for redefining conviviality, this establishment stands as a fusion of informal charm and understated elegance. It beckons with warmth and meticulous curation, serving as both a vibrant restaurant and a sophisticated lounge bar.

Immersed in the romantic Italian Garden, with fresh pergolas, statues, fountains, and majestic vases, you can enjoy charming outdoor lunches and dinners. This restaurant offers a creative cuisine ranging from typical Tuscan specialties to international dishes, all enriched with aromatic herbs grown within greenhouses, passionately curated for generations. Imagination, creativity, and passion blend with the beauty and uniqueness of an extraordinary place to offer you an unforgettable experience.

3. Ristorante Quinoa: Duomo Area

Quinoa ristorante gluten free

Looking for a restaurant in Florence where tradition and innovation meet in a triumph of gluten-free flavors? Then Ristorante Quinoa is the place for you!

Opened in 2014 as the city’s first 100% gluten-free restaurant, certified by the National Celiac Association, Quinoa offers a rich and varied menu that combines the flavors of Tuscan tradition with those of oriental cuisine.

The menu offers a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, second courses, and desserts, all strictly gluten-free and made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is nestled in a green oasis, the ZAP (Protected Aromatic Zone) courtyard, within a 16th-century cloister just steps from the Florence Duomo, making it the ideal location for a gourmet break focused on relaxation and good taste.

4. La Fiaschetteria: Ponte alla Vittoria Area

Fresh seafood lover? La Fiaschetteria di Pesce is your paradise in Florence! With two locations, one historic in the Ponte alla Vittoria area and the other in Campo di Marte, it has been offering a unique culinary experience for 12 years.

Both locations feature a fish counter in view with a simple and winning format: choose the fresh fish from the counter and the chef prepares it to your preference. Don’t miss the menu items, like “Lo Sgusciato,” a shell-less paccheri allo scoglio, perfect for those with little time but who don’t want to compromise taste.

Among the main courses, don’t miss out on the tuna peposo, a house specialty, and the fried fish, prepared with fresh and high-quality peanut oil.

5. Chalet Bellariva: Lungarno del Tempio

Chalet Bellariva

Located on Lungarno Colombo, right by the river, Chalet Bellariva offers a charming location easily accessible by both public and private transportation, as well as being close to the city center. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor spaces, the latter within an open structure that can be closed in winter and in case of bad weather.

The real gem of Chalet Bellariva is its splendid panoramic terrace overlooking the Arno, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city while tasting wood-fired pizzas, first courses, fish specialties, and grilled meats.

6. Santa Rosa Bistrot: San Frediano

Santarosa Bistrot Firenze

Located a few steps from the banks of the Arno and Porta San Frediano, this bistro is a true paradise in the heart of the city. Surrounded by the greenery of public gardens adjacent to the old city walls, Santa Rosa Bistrot offers a unique atmosphere reminiscent of a lemon house or a greenhouse.

Here you can enjoy a coffee, a slice of cake, or an aperitif in a relaxed and informal environment, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city center and recharging your batteries.

But Santa Rosa Bistrot is not just a place to relax: it is also a restaurant offering refined and creative cuisine, the result of the chef’s expertise, who draws inspiration from his Neapolitan roots and cuisines from around the world.

The menu is completely renewed every three months based on the seasonality of the products, always offering new proposals and flavors to discover.

In addition to dinners and aperitifs, Santa Rosa Bistrot also offers a rich brunch on weekends, with typical Anglo-Saxon breakfast dishes. A perfect occasion to start the day with taste and in good company.

7. La Toraia: Lungarno del Tempio

la toraia lungarno firenze

La Toraia on the Lungarno: your street food in Florence!

Open every evening from 6:00 PM to midnight, La Toraia offers a wide variety of street food for all tastes, from gourmet sandwiches to Chianina hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and much more.

No reservation is required and seating is free, so you can go whenever you want and enjoy the informal and convivial atmosphere of the place.

But La Toraia is not just about food! There is also a sports & kids area where the little ones can play safely, and a rich program of events, including live music, cultural meetings, charity activities, and much more.

8. Bar Bar

bar bar Firenze

The ideal place to escape the city chaos while staying in the city center.

Experience our welcoming and elegant ambiance, perfect for Instagram-worthy moments. Our friendly staff and meticulously crafted dishes with attention to detail ensure a memorable dining experience.

At Bar Bar, you can go for both dinner and aperitif, making it a great spot for a first date or a dinner with friends.

9. Terrazza 45 in Fiesole

From its panoramic terrace, located in the main square of Fiesole a few meters from the amphitheater, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Florence, which stretches out before you like a work of art. Be enchanted by the bright sunsets and the acrobatic play of the clouds that gift the city with an emerging and unwavering beauty.

Terrazza 45 is not just a restaurant, it is an experience. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Florence and be captivated by the flavors of Tuscan tradition, masterfully reinterpreted by the chef.

The restaurant has two indoor rooms, the larger one seating about 30, and the second, with two windows overlooking magnificent Florence, seating about 20. But the real highlight is the summer terrace, which seats about 80 and offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the city.

10. Trattoria Al Fresco: Four Seasons

Four Seasons garden Firenze

Shaded by trees, this terrace invites you to spend a day of pure relaxation while enjoying expertly prepared cocktails and light dishes like our slow-rise pizza, fresh fruit smoothies, and artisanal ice cream.

But Al Fresco is not just a place to relax: it is also a restaurant offering high-quality Mediterranean cuisine, with fresh and seasonal dishes that reflect Italian and Tuscan traditions.

At lunch, you can enjoy a true trattoria experience, with a menu that changes daily based on the availability of fresh products. At dinner, you can choose between pizzas cooked in the open oven and high-quality meats cooked on the new Josper grill.

The restaurant is also an ideal place for families: there is a dedicated children’s play area and a special menu with dishes that the little ones will love.