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Trattoria Braciere Malatesta was born 60 years ago in the heart of the most famous Tuscan city in the world.

The Malatesta family has always been “accustomed to cooking” and devoted themselves to the culinary art of preparing dishes from generation to generation according to Tuscan cuisine tradition.

In Florence we talk a lot about food. But good food is made of ancient wisdom that comes from simplicity and few words. Trattoria Braciere Malatesta originates from the flavors of tradition and on these we revisited the recipes of Tuscan grandparents.

The Florentine home cooking is a point of strong attraction of the city and therefore the principles and ingredients must be preserved. Tuscany is a territory with a great gastronomic identity that comes from the past and tells us the story of a so rich culinary culture.

Trattoria Braciere Malatesta has preserved the genuineness of this culture, enriching with thematic variations offering an amplitude of flavors closer to modern taste.

We still prepare the old good tomato soup or pappa al pomodoro, la ribollita, soups, we pull the pasta by hand and honor the tradition of the Florentine steak along with game dishes from our forests or with 0 Km vegetables.

You can eat the steak a thousand times, but each time it will be like the first if you respect the rituality of cooking and the meats selection.

You will notice the typicality of the Braciere Malatesta restaurant as soon as you walk along Via Nazionale in Florence. We wanted to preserve the familiar atmosphere that made us so recognizable.

No claims and so much home’s feel.

You will find us in the middle of the historical center of Florence, a stone’s throw from the Santa Maria Novella rail station, where we welcome our guests as our fathers used to.

We left nothing to chance, we committed ourselves to vintage materials to give a well-defined connotation to the environments. We chose the tables, the chairs, the sets, paying attention to the warmth we wanted to convey in an ancient city where food and flavors still retain their value and must be enjoyed either alone or in company but always in a pleasant atmosphere.

La trattoria Braciere Malatesta has been completely renovated over time, but it has remained an authentic Tuscan trattoria with aromas of good food, 0 km cheeses from the Palaiaccio Farm in Mugello and a wide selection of cured meats from the territory. Our cutting boards and home-made pasta come out of the kitchen majestic in their simplicity in order to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

We serve wine by the glass or bottle to accompany each dish. Our labels are strictly regional with a few exceptions selected by our sommeliers in order to match with some newer dishes that sometimes we like to add.

Our cuisine is beloved by locals and pursued by the tourists who want to get closer to the true flavors of tradition in order to know the city more deeply.

On the big charcoal and wooden grill, a triumph of Chianina meat tells the story of Florence and our trattoria.

Florence is known for its immense artistic treasures, but our history is also culinary territoriality, the same that we pass on carefully and narrate to our guests through a seasonal rotation of dishes that respect the flavors and local ingredients with a craftsmanship to maintain its original seductive nature.