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La trattoria Braciere Malatesta in Florence establishes its alchemy in the symbiosis between food and those who enjoy it, in a place that is found in ancient streets and preserves ancient flavours. 

Our vision takes us back in time, when Florence hosted many wayfarers who used to replenish themselves in taverns before returning to their journey.
People of Florence, always proud of their gastronomic traditions, opened several refreshment points to welcome those who come to discover the city of Dante, because a discovery must also have a flavour.
And so, while the city describes the art of its wonders, there is a code of flavours, which doesn’t need words to convey emotions and tells a lot about the women and men of this land. A language of flavours through which warmth is offered and everything can be said. Food is never just a nourishment, the ingredients take over history and become intense.
La trattoria Braciere Malatesta in Florence is an authentic trattoria in the heart of the city.
We preserved our grandmothers old recipes and we cook according to tradition in order to maintain pristine our roots. At the same time we propose revisited dishes, creative and balanced combinations, because for us our guests are sacred. In this code of flavour, each ingredient transmits affection, takes care of every palate and elaborates tales of ancient Florence.
La trattoria Braciere Malatesta in Florence has always based its cuisine on seasonality and the search for local ingredients because this is what makes the gastronomic offer a territorial excellence as a real trattoria should be. In a fast-paced world where the memory tends to be overlooked, la trattoria Braciere Malatesta in Florence wants to be a countertrend and represent the Tuscan gastronomic history in a refined and renewed environment. From our ancestors we learned the art of the meat, the Florentine steak is our banner. We are proud of it because it represents the passion, the Florence typicality and accredits us as native Florentines.
During lunch and dinner time at la trattoria Braciere Malatesta in Florence we roll up our sleeves and serve our wayfarers without forgetting locals.
In a few words, dinnertime for us has always been and will remain a ritual to be respected by delighting the guests. The true philosophy of our restaurant is the care of the guest through dishes dominated by local ingredients and cooked according to tradition. Today’s menu is the result of tales of battles in which something was lost and something was acquired, of trades that took place in the historical course of the city, a set of beautiful and deep-rooted recipes that came to us from our mothers and they have made us bearers of regional identity that we will in turn transmit to our children.
The roots of our food come from the distant past, but they talk about us and our land, our affections and our stories, and make us unique as Florence is unique, welcoming, hospitable and honours the host offering the best of Tuscan cuisine.